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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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777. and he is there giving his final good-byes before he then boards the plane. he has had such a busy day in washington. and he's going to have just as busy of a day in new york, his first full day. but he will be heading there and arriving there in about an hour once the plane takes off. >> services at 6:45 tonight at st. patrick's cathedral which has undergone restoration of the exterior and interior where he will be tonight. and he will be there with the mayor of new york and the governor. governor cuomo will also be there and about 500 people outside st. patrick's to greet him there. that's later tonight. that's coming up at 6:45 this evening. and tomorrow, of course, will include a visit to ground zero as well. and he will also be making his way through central park in new york for thousands of people to have an opportunity to see him there in person. each step along the way, they've
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made opportunities so that everyday people, ticketed perhaps, but everyday people have been able to catch a glimpse of him if they're one of the lucky ones to be out there. >> now we hear the horns and music. we see the pontiff making his way to the plane saying his final good-byes being greeted by secretary of state john kerry there. you know, when he lands in new york, i think there's going to be another couple -- at least a couple hundred people if not more waiting for him there on the other side. he is going to do a short trip down 5th avenue to greet people on the street after taking actually a helicopter to get there when he lands in this plane. there you hear the loud applause, people saying good-bye as he slowly ascends and makes his way into that american airlines jet. see if he turns around and says good-bye. >> one would expect he will and give a wave.
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>> bringing with him many, many memories and the impressions of his first trip ever to the united states. first trip ever to the nation' capital, the heart of democracy. and next stop new york city where he'll arrive in about an hour's time. >> again, it is just like the pope to turn around to address the people who have arrived to wish him a farewell and a great good-bye. as he turned around, you could hear folks happy to see him. >> we will be following him every step of the way as you continue to watch our continuing
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coverage of pope francis' visit to america. right here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and as you've been watching the holy father wrap up his visit to washington after another whil wind day of events, he delivered an historic address to congress and visited with homeless and needy people in d.c. today. >> and you just watched live as pope francis boarded a plane outside of washington, d.c. where you see live here on the left. the pontiff will arrive in new york around 5:00. and on the right you see new york where the pontiff will be tonight. nbc 10 has live reporters in both cities to show you what's ahead for his big visit in the big apple and all the action that took place today in our nation's capital. now, pope francis continues to make history in america. >> this morning he became the first pontiff ever to address a joint meeting of congress.
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>> mr. speaker! the pope of the holy see! [ applause ] >> congressional leaders escorted the holy father up the aisle for his speech in the house chamber. pope francis opened his speech by describing himself as a son of this great continent joined in a common purpose with america. and he talked about violence, the environment, immigration, and the refugee crisis as well. and he also delivered a simple political message to congress. get along. >> we must move forward together as one in a renewed spirit of fraternity and solidarity cooperating generously for the common good. [ applause ] >> the pope also mentioned dr. martin luther king jr. which got
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the first of several standing ovations. and after hiss address he walked through statuary hall pausing as a statue of junipero serra. the first canonization to take place on u.s. soil. >> more cheers for the pope as he walked onto the balcony of the capitol where he greeted the tens of thousands gathered outside with buenos dias. he also asked the crowd to pray for him through a translator. then he delivered the message himself in english. >> thank you very much and god bless america. >> as you can hear, the holy father's words were met once again with loud applause. from there pope francis
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addressed one of the smallest gatherings of his u.s. visit. he spoke to roughly 400 people at st. patrick's church in downtown washington. he addressed parishioners, people served by catholic charities, and choirs from two local high schools. the pontiff called for compassion and charity towards the homeless and the least fortunate. >> translator: we can find no social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever for lack of housing. >> outside the catholic building, the pope walked among tables where homeless and needy people were eating and blessed their meals. lots of people from our area didn't wait for the pope to visit philadelphia this weekend. they made the trip down to d.c. to see him there. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors was among the crowds on the national mall this afternoon. rosemary, you found a group from south jersey who took a bus trip down there for the day.
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>> reporter: that's right. they were some of the lucky ones who had these tickets to watch the telecast from the west front lawn. they were a i believe to organize the trip by reaching out to their congressman donald norcross. this was a rare and special trip for them because it was an opportunity to be close to the leader of their faith. >> you don't really get a chance like this to meet the pope. >> reporter: still beaming from the experience, this bus load could help but show their gratitude to witness history. while the pope addressed the joint session of congress inside the capitol building, they along with tens of thousands of others fortunate enough to get tickets watched from the west front lawn. >> it was incredible. it really was. i was here during pope john paul ii. so it was awesome. >> reporter: grace of gloucester county whose parish is church of
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the holy family organized the day trip. >> it was exactly what i thought i was going to hear. >> reporter: for others the pope's words on immigration, climate change, and racial equality resonated. >> to me it was very, very invigorating because he touched on a lot of dr. martin luther king's points and i just thought that was marvelous. >> he did his home work. he was prepared. >> god bless america. >> i thought the end was really fun when he came out and waved to everyone. >> reporter: colin can't thank his mother enough for approving a day off from school. she knew it would be worthwhile. >> i feel really honored to have been here. it was exciting. >> reporter: it's not just catholics, but people of all faiths and backgrounds that the pope has tried to reach while here in washington. his words have seemed to strike a chord, i would say, with activists for the environment, those for immigration reform.
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you will hear from them coming up at 5:00. reporting live in washington, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> and here is another live look at the crowd that had greeted pope francis at joint base andrews just outside washington, d.c. the pope's plane has not yet left. it's still sitting on the tarmac. he had just boarded the plane probably in the last few minutes and now he is waiting to take off. but what a busy day in the nation's capital. this marks the end of his first leg of his three u.s. city visit. this right now a live look at st. patrick's cathedral where he will attend tonight in new york city. he will be greeted by governor cuomo, mayor de blasio, and some 500 people that will be on each side of the cathedral to say hello to him as well. that will be taking place around 6:30 tonight. one of his first items on his itinerary. tonight while he's in new york city.
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now, the 118-year-old church is in the heart of new york city. people have been lined up for hours now around st. patrick's cathedral. secret service agents and new york city police officers are on guard around the church's perimeter. 5 million people attend st. patrick's every year. it holds mass seven times a day. nbc 10's cydney long is live in new york today above st. patricks. >> a lot of gridlock in new york, i imagine, right? >> reporter: absolutely. we are feeling and seeing the excitement and the anticipation of pope francis' arrival here in the big apple. this moment in time, this hour, we're now down to the hour of when he will arrive in new york city. finally here. and to give you an idea where we're coming from. i'm looking at radio music city hall in this direction, but this is the spot here behind us, one city block right here, st. patrick's cathedral.
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one city block from the sixth floor here at 30 rock. it is a breathtaking view and it is a beautiful warm day and breezy here in new york. we saw people holding signs down on the street. jesus is here and repent. also dozens lighting candles and praying outside the cathedral understandably as you might imagine there is also an extremely visible law enforcement presence. police on every corner. we have also seen tons of barricades and metal barriers for street closures. but it has been easy to move about the city. we've not had any trouble from the hotel to 30 rock here. two women we met came to the big apple to celebrate the pope and their birthdays in new york city. and they remarked on how easy and how friendly new yorkers have been. >> not too much trouble because we're staying right down here so we can walk around and get around. so we've been okay. but new york as far as that, it's been wonderful. everybody has been super
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friendly. >> they're all in a good mood. >> yeah. they're all in a good mood. >> reporter: and i could also tell you there is an incredible presence of spanish-speaking faithfuls that are gathering in the streets now outside of st. patrick's cathedral. we wanted to bring you this view because remarkable it's not standing room only. you can see the sidewalks are not full. people are dining outside and of course you can see all of the police measures out here. many visitors went to very great lengths to make this journey even without tickets to be inside the cathedral tonight or to be at madison square garden tomorrow. we will speak to one of those visitors who told us she has a special connection to the pope. when the pope lands in about an hour, 5:00, he will land at jfk airport and then of course take a chopper to lower manhattan. that's when he'll ride in the pope mobile and come up this way to st. patrick's cathedral. we will give you every vantage
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point we can show you. but of course the excitement is building everyone anticipating his arrival. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> all right. and of course the pontiff has a really busy schedule tomorrow in new york. he addresses the united nations general assembly first thing in the morning. around lunchtime there's a service at the 9/11 memorial and museum at ground zero. and then tomorrow afternoon he visits a school in east harlem. and that's followed by that procession through central park that ends with a mass at madison square garden. so a full schedule tomorrow and as we look live once again, joint base andrews, his aircraft, the american airlines craft there still on the tarmac. his departure which was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., about 13 minutes behind schedule. i'm sure they'll make that time up in flight for the holy father who will be making his way at any time now to new york city. then first thing saturday morning, the pope's going to leave new york. where does he go? he flies right here to
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philadelphia. >> ahead of his arrival, parts of the city are shutting down. tonight at 10:00, several exists along the vine street expressway will close. they include exits to 23rd street and the ben franklin parkway. exits to broad street and 8th street will also close. now, at the same time the secure vehicle perimeter that's inside the center city traffic box goes into as well. so starting at 10:00 tonight, you will not be able to park there inside that secure perimeter even if you bought placards from the city that helped you escape the towing from earlier this week. you must move your car into city garages or out of the area. now, for people who use public transportation, these septa station wills close tonight at 10:00. suburban station on the regional rail line. the 5th and 15th street stops on the market frankford line and city hall on the broad street line. also the 15th street trolley stop.
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well, sky force 10 has showed us the changes all week long. >> it's sort of an evolving picture. george spencer is on board. can you see today? >> reporter: as you're saying it's a city transforms. and a lot of transformations have happened just since overnight. you see the imposing looking black fencing that we believe to be the primary security perimeter. look at what else we're seeing. you see the chain link fencing outside one of the larger apartment buildings along the parkway. that seems to be more crowd separation by the building. keeping the enormous clouds away from the building itself. and then as we widen out, you can see what's really going to be the heart of this weekend's events. the heart of the papal events, events which city leaders are still expecting to attract massive and worldwide crowds.
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at the reading terminal market this afternoon, the crowds had arrived in the world meeting of families green and the shop owners inside are seeing a different type of green too. but mostly from the convention as city regulars appear to be keeping their distance. >> the impact has been been positive. we see an influx of people coming from the convention. however, it seems the locals have stayed away. >> i think businesses will be affected different ways, but there are a ton of them that are real excited about being open this weekend. >> reporter: and for them the mayor says the city is ready. they're prepared for crowds of 1.5 million here on the parkway. and the commissioner tells us his officers along with state and federal counterparts will be ready if pope francis suddenly decides to go off his itinerary or to stop as he's already done in washington, d.c. >> these things can happen. we're flexible. but if he wants to make an adjustment in his itinerary, i
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hope he doesn't but he f he does we'll handle it. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands more on saturday and sunday at north of $400 million. today they said it would be best to revisit those numbers after the weekend ends. but no matter what, benefits to the city's reputation are real. >> this city is definitely ready for its closeup. >> reporter: back now to these live pictures from sky force 10. you can see what is really a sea of white chairs that is going to be right at the best vantage point for pope francis. this is clearly the ticketed area close to the art museum where people will be sitting. hundreds possibly thousands of chairs there. as we spread our view back out, you're getting a better look at exactly how this will appear to people who are on the ground. those covered tents built right into the trees. right around the trees there. this is going to be the heart of where the papal mass and the
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festival will occur over the weekend. and as you can see, the work on the ground is certainly continuing even at this hour. that is the latest live this afternoon in sky force 10. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> yes, george. a lot of work going into this. i'm sure they feel the pressure right now. and there you see the pontiff's plane now on the move as we've been awaiting its departure from joint base andrews this afternoon after the pope's full day in washington, d.c. today. his remarks before the joint session of congress. his meeting with members of the homeless community as well this afternoon. bishops waefing good-bye to the holy father as well as people in the bleachers. military members and their families saying good-bye as he taxis for takeoff on his way to new york city where tonight he will participate in vespers.
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then nbc 10 is going all out this weekend to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of pope francis' visit to philadelphia. look at this. our team of reporters is going to be out in philadelphia, the suburbs, south jersey as well. we're going to bring you all the action live on the air and on our nbc 10 news app. and if you haven't downloaded the app yet, now is the time. watch the pope's events live on your phone wherever you are. there's an entire section about what's changing and when. the nbc 10 news app is a free download in the app store. it certainly would be nice if the weather stayed like this through the weekend. it is going to change somewhat, but not drastically. we have cooler winds coming in tomorrow. some coastal flooding issues. part of the jersey shore and delaware beaches.
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and the forecast for the papal weekend, a lot of clouds around. limited chances for rain. thin clouds out there right now. the humidity is very low at 38%. and same temperature this was yesterday. in the 80s across much of the area. it is somewhat cooler across the shore. we have the wind off the ocean. the wind is going to come from the ocean for days. and one of the reasons for a coastal flood advisory along delaware bay and the atlantic ocean in southern portions of our area. just some high clouds across the region. main area of moisture is way to the south. most of it is spreading to the west. not up to the north. and the general trend of some of the models is to bring some of the clouds up here. but to keep much of the rain down to the south as you see as we go into saturday morning.
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the rain's closer than it is now, but high pressure just off the new england coast. it's fighting that moisture. and right now looks to me like the moisture is not going to win. the high pressure is going to win. so we're going to have cloudy skies for much of the time that we're over the weekend. 60s during the morning. so it's going to be a pretty decent weekend. not as beautiful as today, but a pretty decent weekend and likely dry. mostly clear and cool. 54 north and west. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. we've got a cooler breeze, high temperatures down in the 70s. we've been into the 80s the last couple of days. mostly cloudy over the weekend. the best chance of any rain would not be until monday. and then it starts to get warmer next week. wait a minute. this is a big deal. >> this local couple gets a big surprise. why they're invited to meet with
4:22 pm
pope francis this weekend. and a crucial game this weekend for the birds. why the pope's visit is changing how they prepare for it. coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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live coverage continues of the papal departure from washington, d.c. there you see his american airlines jet just about ready for takeoff. does appear that he's about half an hour behind schedule at this point. but it does seem it is finally taxiing and heading for takeoff heading to new york city. next stop for the pope. and the pope is going to be here on saturday, of course, so now's really the time to plan your weekend if you haven't already. >>'s vince lattanzio joins us to tell us how our app can help you. >> the closures are about to ramp up in the city. nbc 10 has you covered with a special section dedicated to the pope's visit. you can get the latest
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invitation about the closures, live video as you can see the plane taxiing there. we have video of pope francis' trip online. then we have coverage from all around the country including what's closing when. what road closures are happening when and it's a day-by-day guide that also shows you hour-by-hour as you're going through it. now, also in our special papal feature, we have images and photos from the center of the action. what makes pope francis different from his predecessors and also coverage of the travel across all of the cities and through that live video. you can find it all right now on on your computer. and most importantly on your mobile device, just tap on this red bar here on the top of the page or the app. >> all right. speaking of the papal visit, one of our nation's leaders couldn't contain his emotions during the pope's address to congress this morning. >> next we'll show you the
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republican who had a tissue in hand throughout the pope's visit to capitol hill. and taking a live look now in the air above the air force base and the pope's plane just took off about a couple minutes ago. he is high up in the air heading from outside washington, d.c. to new york city.
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the pope of the holy see! [ applause ] >> it's been another busy day for the pontiff. this morning pope francis addressed a joint meeting of congress. and in his speech the holy father condemned the death penalty and urged compassion for immigrants. afterwards he stood on the balcony of the capitol where he
4:31 pm
spoke to the thousands who had been waiting outside. then the holy father traveled to st. patrick's church and inside the pope spoke to about 400 people including the homeless and catholic charities staff. now, house speaker john boehner has tried for 20 years to get a pope to address congress. >> no surprise, then, perhaps, that the lawmaker known for frequently shedding tears found himself trying to hold them back once more. boehner was seen several times wiping his eyes and then standing next to the pope outside from the balcony. you could see boehner was visibly moved pulling out the handkerchief. an emotional day for him. a lot of eyes were glued to nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as the pope addressed congress today. >> nbc 10's doug shimell was with a group of students who gathered to see history unfold. >> mr. speaker! the pope of the holy see!
4:32 pm
>> i like how he started with this idea of the home of the brave and the land of the free. >> reporter: when a pope speaks to congress for the first time, you take a picture of the tv. >> this is the first time that i've really watched it and experienced it. i think i was more in awe. i felt more like a chooer leader. >> they stood or sat in attention on the perch on the st. joseph's campus. >> i was really impressed with the way that he is speaking to a group of really big, important decision makers. but we as individuals as college students, we still feel something of what he's saying. >> reporter: being at a jesuit university watching a jesuit pope. >> we need to look at the numbers. >> and then he ends with this
4:33 pm
idea that we have this american dream and we're invited to live that and to share that with other people. it's a hopeful message which at a time like now it's much needed. >> god bless america. >> reporter: at st. joseph's university, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> and as the pope continues his trip to new york tonight before he comes to philadelphia this weekend, you can be part of the action with the nbc 10 news app. you can watch events streaming live and get all the information you need to know on road closures and changes in your community. breaking news now in seattle, washington. four people are dead and several others are critically hurt in a crash between a charter bus and a duck boat. that crash happened around 2:15 our time. right now it is not clear what caused that accident. seattle fire officials say about 50 people are being evacuated at this hour. medics have created a triage area on the bridge.
4:34 pm
why the vehicles are similar to the ones you see here in philadelphia. from our south jersey bureau today, another big boost for the city of camden. tax incentives are bringing another round of development to the water front. here's a live look at the camden skyline over the delaware river where we learned today that two new high-rises will be built there. new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie is there for the announcement. and nbc 10's drew smith is live in camden where he just announced the new plans. >> reporter: yeah. the governor calls this the single largest private investment this city has ever seen. we're talking about $700 million in this area. 16 acres will be part of this project. you can see it's mostly parking lot right now. this part right here juts out onto the delaware river. so by 2019 wherever you are whether you're in philadelphia or camden, you should be able to see four major office buildings, a hotel, and hundreds of housing
4:35 pm
units. this is what camden looks like right now from philadelphia. but this view could soon be changing. >> i think it will look a lot better. i think it would attract more people who would want to go over there from here. >> reporter: these renderings show plans for a major projects along the delaware river. it will hold offices, stores, and places to live. >> the waterfront has been a prime piece of land for camden for a long time. >> reporter: howard gillette wrote a book on the fall of camden. now after many years of hearing people come up with plans for the space, he thinks this project will help the city rise. >> it looks pretty real to me. the players seem to be well plugged in. it looks like the state is willing to back this project. >> reporter: the players he's talking about include the liberty property trust. the group responsible for building the tallest buildings
4:36 pm
in the city. plus the state of new jersey will give up tax dollars as it has for other recent developments here. >> camden has a bright future. i think if they build me buildings, it will attract more visitors and maybe people will want to live over there. >> reporter: now, since this is such a large investment, it's going to take six months to buy the property over here. by this time next year, you should be able to see some major construction right here on the waterfront. live in camden, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. pope francis just took off from joint base andrews in washington. he's now headed to new york. >> going to show you some video of that takeoff happening just moments ago. nbc 10 is in new york and we'll bring you live coverage as the pope arrives there in the big apple in the next hour. and then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, crowds lining up in one part of philadelphia for an historic visit. and it's not the pope. the woman inspiring thousands in our area.
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salvation army will provide food, drink and other necessities across the city. thousands of first responders and municipal workers. today representatives from wawa hosted a hoagie making station for those preparing food in canteen trucks throughout the city. those trucks will be positioned at seven locations to distribute food and drinks to service professionals including police and firefighters on site. all that food will be provided by wawa. comcast customers will be covered during the papal visit. the company is set to deploy a team of bicycle teches to service anyone inside the no-drive zone. these teches are equipped with all the gear they are carry. they also have mobile equipment centers for the teches to access. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. pope's visit impacting millions across d.c., new york, and fe.
4:41 pm
>> and the philadelphia eagles are not exempt. next, the rare changes the blarkds( ahead of their big game against the jets sunday. more clouds moving in. i'm tracking the changes and i'll have your papal weekend forecast straight ahead. and then all new tonight on nbc 10 at 5:00, a local band preparing for the performance of a lifetime. the hard work they hope to show off for the pope.
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pope francis is in the air right now traveling from washington, d.c. to new york city. this is a live look at john f. kennedy international airport where he's expected to touch down in the next half hour or so. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you that live coverage as it happens. the pope's trip to america is even having an impact on the philadelphia eagles.
4:45 pm
>> calling an automobidible her. to get out of philadelphia before the crowds move in. comcast sportsnet is joining us with more on the eagles departure tonight. also reaction to the pope coming to town. >> yeah. chip kelly known for calling audibles. now something toels adjust to if you want to look at it that way. the team usually leaves a day before road games. but their bags are already backed. they were on the south philly practice field, the last time until next week. hits the turnpike to north jersey tonight and will practice tomorrow at monmouth university due to the pope's visit. the players don't mind. >> that's fine. if he can get a blessing for philly, that's great. we're going to head to jersey tonight and then pick it up from there. >> it's kind of nice to get out of here for a little bit. could be good timing for us. could be a good thing.
4:46 pm
>> the eagles hope it is a good thing for them. back to you. >> all right, danny. thank you. they are in need of that win. with the pope in town this sunday, eagles kickoff airs at a special time leading into the conch of the pope. jordan matthews is our special guest. then after the game, eagles game final follows the news after sunday night football. don't miss our exclusive with head coach chip kelly. and looks like some really great weather for that game on sunday. question is, a little bit farther south from delaware. we have cooler winds across the entire area. we have the coastal flooding threat for a portion of the area. and we'll have the forecast of course for the papal weekend. we've been watching this for quite a while. and there are some changes in
4:47 pm
what has been going on. the wind is changing. it's coming from the east and it's going to keep coming from the east for quite a while. 80 degrees now, the humidity very low in that east wind 10 miles an hour. get used to that wind direction. it's now 80 degrees across much of the area. it is cooler right at the beaches. and significantly cooler over the next few days as that wind's coming in off the 70-degree ocean. and it's going to get stronger. and we're going to have coastal flooding as we get into the weekend. first it's friday from 5:00 p.m. to midnight. near the times of high tide. delaware bay on the atlantic and probably saturday as well. maybe even sunday. there's some high clouds out there. the main moisture is still way, way down to the south. and the storm itself is very far to the south. a lot of that moisture is moving straight west, making a left turn. not going straight up.
4:48 pm
and this computer model that's been fairly consistent for the last week or so keeping the storm to the south, keeping the rain just south of us, brings the clouds in. the wind comes in, the cooler weather. but here we are sunday 4:00 a.m. we don't really have any rain close by. so the forecast for the papal weekend, mostly cloudy skies and breezy. both days. so we'll see either mostly cloudy or cloudy skies. may see some peaks of sunshine. the rain is likely to stay south of the city of philadelphia. it's going to rain anywhere in the area, it's going to be in southern delaware. and so for the eagles and jets farther to the north, an even better chance of it stays dry. we've got a cool breeze both days with -- beginning and at the end of the game with temperatures mostly in the 60s there. so 60 degrees for the low in
4:49 pm
philadelphia. 54 north and west tonight with mostly clear skies. tomorrow not quite as warm as the last couple days. a cooler breeze, more in the way of clouds and way of wind. and then a little bit more of both on saturday. again, we're generally keeping the rain to the south. there are still some computer models that bring it up e spshlly on sunday. we'll keep our eye on that. then best chance of showers on monday. then it gets warmer tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. one local couple getting quite the reward for their five decades of marriage. >> they will personally get to greet pope francis here in philadelphia. how they learned the news and what they plan to say to the pontiff next. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a 7-year-old south jersey boy being called a hero. how he jumped into action to save his mother's life. and another live look right here from jfk airport in new york city where pope francis is about to arrive for his next leg of his trip here in the u.s.
4:50 pm
dignitaries awaiting to meet him there. nbc 10 will bring you live coverage as soon as it happens.
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we had an apartment down on 4th avenue which cost $46 a month. >> he likes telling people. >> it's easy to see why john and
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kathy mccarthy have been married for 52 years. >> we got married about nine months after i graduated from nursing school. >> back then they didn't know it would be honored today with a visit with pope francis. it was their priest who selected them but they worried about traffic. >> i said if you really want to go -- >> i really want to go. >> -- we'll go. because i figure he has some real plans. like the pope was coming up here. >> reporter: and that wasn't their only concern. >> knowing we were going to be there, becoming more comfortable with meeting him. >> but even talking about him. >> yeah. and then i think wait a minute, this is a big deal. we should be in awe. but i don't want to be not saying anything. i mean -- yeah. i've never really been dumbfounded in my life. >> you should put a new battery in your hearing aid.
4:58 pm
>> i did. i tend to say welcome we've been waiting for you. because he's approachable. >> glad you got here. >> reporter: the couple is trying not to be too nervous. kathy just recovered from an illness. of course meeting pope francis is life changing too. >> be in the moment and enjoy it. it is a blessing. it is. it's a blessing for us. >> reporter: now, the mccarthys thought they were going to be with a group of people meeting the pope. not so. they're going to be with two other couples. one that's been married 25 years. another that's been married 75 years. they say they're looking forward to meeting them too. nbc 10 knew.
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